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31 Oct 2014 in Erika

Author : Latin Erika UK

Early this year I received a detailed email from a guy [ let’s call him Mike ] who claimed that he had no experience about TS, so I did respond to him.
Mike indicated that he would visit me next day after I emailed him back.On the appointment date I fully dressed up to impress him with the sexy black corset, vivid fishing net stocking and high heal shoes. Having worn full make up in the black sophisticate outfit , I was pretty sure myself that he won’t take his eyes off me!?I was patiently waiting for him to come.. waiting…waiting and sick of waiting..There was no sign of his arrival ….Well no phone call, no message, nothing.. I attempted to contact him several times. “Welcome to Tesco mobile service…….” the voice mail echoed in my ears. My mind started to think that he used a cheap pre-paid Tesco service for a daily basic . Meanwhile I was taking my high heel shoes off, suddenly I heard an unexpected door bell rang and I had a quick peek. He arrived 25 minutes late which made me thought that he is one of the time wasters who deliberately never turn up for his appointment. Opening the door with half smile on my face, I saw a middle age man standing and holding a champagne bottle.
Mike introduced himself and apologise for the lateness, I smiled and took him to my living room. I allowed him to take his coat off, rest and I started accompany with his fizzy chilled champagne the begin our conversation. Obviously the conversation went well because I completely forgot about his lateness and my bad mood ” You are so beautiful ” Mike said and smiled ” Thank you, you are very sweet, I looked at his face which I can see his face changed the colour. I asked Mike what he loves to do, and get to know more about his preferences. He said he loves anything fun and safe especially passionate kisses and gentle touch and good head jobs ( which I believed most men do too). I also revealed that not only had he got a zero experience about TS, he also had bad experience with escort agency that miss- matching to someone else to service him. He told me that he left her with a big disappointment and consequently he felt very anxious about coming to see other escorts.
I found Mike to be attractive and a gentle kind of guy – good communication and sometimes flirty shy talking which it drew smiles on my face. Reluctantly, I made myself slow down and rubbing his leg gently which I can tell dam well that his body and his man part response well with my hands. He brought his hands together and reached to my face ” you are so beautiful like a woman which make me feel less nervous “. He pulled me close, his fingers explored my body and breasts and I succumbed to his touch. He straddled me so that he could see all of me and undress me leaving in my sexy panties with black stockings. The champagne in the glass on the table is still bubbling and so were we. I have to say that I was exciting as much as him, this is why I always love to have first timer. I spread his legs apart and revealed his wet and waiting cock. I would and I know that I could just let him fuck me but I love him to feel a tempting mild appetizer before feeding him the spicy main meal. I run my soft fingers on his (excited) package, and then I could feel our desire growing and growing. Mike rolled over to face me, he kissed me gently.
After a long passionate kissed, he started to giggle. “What” I asked ” Mmm I just kissed you and I can taste the bubbling champagne and a touch of mint in my mouth “ He licked my lips and smiled.” That’s a detectable combination” I told him to relax and I assure him that he is about to experience sensual touch ever. I use my tongue and soft fingers around his male appendage with my secret trick. “Erogenous massage”, the secret of erotic massage that helps heighten sensitivity, stimulate erotic sensations and generate excitement. He groaned and moved against my tongue. His penis grew wet and I can taste it. Hot slick with fluid and he groaned constantly. I slided down his body to rest between his legs and he moved surprisingly toward my cock into his mouth matching my erogenous massage stoke rhythm. He turned his body repositioning to re-form the magic number 69. The beat was high and harder for both of us and I could taste the warmth of his pre-cum constantly then he groaned.
The surprise of pain in the midst of such intense pleasure cause his penis to begin to swell with the anticipation of release ( which I can tell from his body response to my body). Mike held my body tight and busted the warmth cum on my body I could feel my own desire going and suddenly I ejaculated not long after” what’s a feeling ! in the perfect time, Amazing!” He response and lay down rubbing my body. We had a good chat on my bed for a while and he told me that he loved to fuck me but not this time! I smiled and said ” And you won’t be a first timer coz you just had sex with me”
“Umm, nah I am still a slow learner first timer and also deserved another session” I think you have a lot more to offer so It cannot be done today right” He said with a shy smile. Having Finished the last sip of champagne, I ask him to turn over and I started run my fingers on his back and start to give him massage. After the massage, Mike asked me to have a shower together. And with that we parted company, him with a smile on his face and a load lighter…

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