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05 Nov 2014 in Erika

Author : Latin Erika UK

I got up late today, close to lunch, but after last night’s exertions I badly needed my beauty sleep, a look in the mirror confirms that more sleep was needed, anyway I’ve got a day with the girls getting pampered and I cannot wait.
I put on my sexy black stockings and suspender belt (you really must always wear good underwear ‘as you never know when you’re going to get hit by a bus’ as my mother used to say, she had a thing for doctors too!) a tight black dress and killer heels later and I’m off.?Amazing time at the spa and feeling rejuvenated, David (a regular) called while I was on the masseur’s slab and wants to come over so I dash home to shower and change before a bit of afternoon delight with the Kind Banker as I call him (he always brings flowers).
David doesn’t like to admit it but he’s into rubber (learnt through trial and error over the last year) so I slip into my tight rubber knickers and bra (think I need to go up a bra size by the way, D now but could be bigger) over this I wear my new rubber nurses outfit “time for role-play”.
David’s late but apologetic, if you bring flowers all is forgiven, he seems flustered so we have a glass of champagne and soon he’s relaxed and standing behind me kissing my neck while pressing himself against my pert round butt while caressing my breasts. I turn to face him, taller than him in my heels and push him to his knees, I lift my skirt and unable to wait any longer I pull by tight panties to one side allowing my throbbing cock to bounce free, he doesn’t need to be asked twice hungrily sucking while I hold a bottle of poppers under his nose. He stands up, I can see through his expensive suit trousers that he’s aroused, he’s not the longest by the way but what he does have is thick, I tell him to undress which he does at the speed of light! I put him on the bed on his back and sit on his face (one of the great pleasures of the job) as he licks and sucks on my ass I suck his tool, his groans encourage me to speed up until I can feel that he’s about to come so I quickly stop, more fun to be had before we’re done Mr! I turn and lie on top of him grinding our erect cocks together, more poppers and deep kissing, I pull of the nurses outfit esposing by breasts and push his dick into my ass, god I love a fat cock inside me, I ride it with my penis slapping noisily against his stomach, his hands on my tits I speed up squeezing hard with my ass against his shaft until he cums deep inside me. He’s always quiet afterwards and showers and leaves with the promise of another visit later in the week, he’ll be back after that.
Later in the evening I have a first timer, he’s had a couple of drinks with friends nearby and seen my number on the web, fresh meat! When he arrives, saying his name’s Dan but it’s not (then again my name isn’t really Erika but keep that to yourself!) he’s cute, only about 20. He’s clearly nervous so I tell him to undress, I’m in a babydoll nighty which you can see my nipples through, always good for first timers, bi-curious. He’s got a nice body and a small cock (nobody’s perfect) he tells me that he wants me to be in charge, okay then young man you asked for it! I put him on his front and give him a massage, I then bring him up onto all fours, he’s quiet but won’t be for long, and pull his cock between his legs I suck his balls and ass as I play with his dick. Still not making a sound, I’m getting bored so I thrust my tongue deep into his hole then a finger, then two fingers but not a peep out of him, I decide that this guy needs a good hard fuck and so pull out my pulsing cock and ease it into his tight ass, he lets out a whimper, that’s more like it, as I inch it in stretching his virgin ring he starts to push back against me, I reach under him and wank him off and I pound him. I pull out conscience that I’m about to cum, I spin him round and put myself in his mouth climaxing almost immediately much to his obvious surprise. I love being a top sometimes. I’m not sure if this guy will call again but hey I’ve got enough regulars to keep me satisfied, so long scared young man…. As it so happens, he is back as regular as clockwork every chance he gets ….

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