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05 Nov 2014 in Erika

Author : Latin Erika UK

I was feeling extra horny as I walked up the stairs to the apartment. Knocking on the door I heard a voice from within say “come in”… The door was unlocked, so I walked into the hallway which led to the lounge. Seeing no-one around I called out “hello”, to which a reply came “I’m in the bedroom”. Searching my way through the different rooms of the apartment I came across a doorway where looking inside I could just make out a silhouette of a woman sitting on the bed. Upon seeing me she said “I’ve been expecting you”.
I had phoned up for an ‘appointment’ with Erika yesterday, but had neglected to ask her one very important question. Still standing in the doorway I asked “Erika, are you a pre-op trans?”. She replied “why don’t you come in and find out for yourself?, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised”. I then walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed beside her. My eyes were adjusting to the dimness of the room and I could see that Erika was wearing a black boob tube and a black miniskirt from under which black fishnet stockings covered her long legs. She had dark hair and had been well proportioned in her chest region.
This day had been a long time coming as I had never had the courage to call up a shemale, even though I had fantasised about an encounter for a long time. I was sure this was going to be a very special day.
Sitting beside her I could smell her sweet feminine perfume which made me even more excited. I put my hand on her thigh and asked “may I?” to which she eagerly responded “be my guest”. Sliding my hand up her inner thigh and under her very short skirt I found my fingers touching a rather large bulge within her satin panties. “Is this what I think it is?”, I asked. Without answering me Erika turned her head towards me and smiled. Pulling her panties to one side released her ‘secret’ which was already semi-erect.
I wrapped my hand around her cock and began pumping up and down on her tool. My excitement getting the better of me, I slid off the bed and knelt in front of Erika. Looking up into Erika’s eyes I could see her sexual desire. I reached both hands up her skirt and gripping both sides of her panties, pulled them down around her ankles. Now with almost full access to Erika’s cock I pushed her miniskirt up and got my first clear look at Erika’s ever stiffening piece of meat. Without asking I leant forward and began licking the helmet of her cock. Once I had the taste I couldn’t resist taking more and more into my mouth. My head bobbing up and down I gave Erika the best blowjob I could for a first timer.
After a while Erika leant forward, put both her hands under my armpits and stood up, lifting me to my feet. She started undressing me, firstly taking off my shirt, then bending slightly she sucked on my nipples making them hard. Whilst she was sucking her hands strayed to my shorts where she massaged my hard-on through the material with one hand, while her other worked on pulling my shorts down. Eventually she succeeded in lowering them around my ankles. My cock bulging in my g-string needed to be set free and Erika wasted no time of taking care of this with one swift movement of her hands. Erika stood back and admired my cock for a moment,(all 8 inches of it), before suggesting a 69er so we could both have some pleasure.
As Erika walked over to the bed she flicked a small freestanding light on, meaning I could now see her in all her glory. She was exquisite. If you didn’t know she had a penis she could very easily be mistaken for a very pretty girl. She would have only been in her late 20′s and had a extremely gorgeous figure. Erika still had her boob tube and miniskirt on which she sexily removed revealing her large perky breasts and pert buttocks.
Erika then lay down on the bed on her back, her rock hard cock sticking straight up into the air. She motioned me to come over to the bed and lie on top of her. “If you lie on top then you can control the depth of my cock in your mouth”, she said. I positioned myself on top of Erika’s flawless body so that our cocks and mouths matched up. Erika only took a matter of seconds before my cock was engulfed by her mouth. Her lips gripped the shaft of my cock and slid up and down rhythmically as I thrust harder and deeper into Erika’s mouth. (Now I’ve had quite a few blowjobs from girls in the past but this one was the best I’ve ever had). While Erika was sucking away on my large member I also took her cock in my mouth, now sucking like a pro. With both of us moaning in pleasure I felt Erika’s hands spreading my buttocks and then a finger, warm and wet, putting pressure on my ring. Erika took my cock out of her mouth and said “you’ll enjoy this, I promise”. Slowly the pressure from the finger increased and I felt it slide inside me. This was the first time anything had been put inside my hole and though there was initially some discomfort this soon passed and the feeling of her finger stroking the inside of my arse became quite stimulating.
Without warning She pushed another finger inside me and slowly began moving them in and out of my arse. The incredible pleasure this was now giving me was almost enough to make me cum but I managed to keep my composure and continued to suck her cock. Again taking my cock out of her mouth she said “here take this” as she handed me a pump dispenser of lubricant. “Do as I am?”, she asked.
I put some lubricant on one of my fingers and pushed my hand between her buttocks. Upon finding her hole, I began massaging my finger round and round until her ring relaxed enough for me to insert one then two fingers deep into her warm ass.
With her mouth full of my cock, I heard her manage to shout out “another finger, please stop teasing me!”. Without delay I pushed a third finger inside her and began to finger fuck her slowly at first then picking up speed, vigourously with forceful motions.
We finger fucked and gave oral pleasure to each other for quite some time until she took my cock out of her mouth and moaned “I want to stick my cock up your tight virgin ass!”
She rolled me over onto my back so that my buttocks were just on the end of the bed with my feet touching the floor. Standing up, she positioned herself between my legs, knelt down then lifted my legs above her head giving her full access to my hole. Her face got closer and closer until I could feel her breathing on my ring. She stuck out her tongue and began licking my now relaxed ring making me feel warm and wet.
She stopped licking me and asked me to get onto all fours as she said this was the easiest position for penetration. As I got onto all fours she knelt in front of me and told me “to suck her off until she was rock hard”. I took her cock into my mouth, slurping down as much of her length as my mouth and throat could handle. She reached behind her and when her hand came back into view she had a condom in it.
Erika took her rock hard cock out of my mouth and positioned the condom over the tip of her helmet. She began rolling it down over the girth of her shaft, straining the condom to almost breaking point. Again she pulled out the lubricant dispenser and proceeded to liberally rub the slippery warm lubricant over the entire sheathed length of her she-meat. Sliding off the side of the bed, she then walked round behind me and I felt the bed rock as she climbed up behind me. (It was at this stage I was glad I had shaved my ass crack and cheeks that morning.)
I glanced round and saw her kneeling close to my buttocks. Her hand slapped my arse cheek and she said “don’t look, it’s better that you don’t see it coming”. Her hands were suddenly on my buttocks, her fingers spreading my cheeks and exposing my aching hole. I felt the knob of her cock nudge up against my well lubricated fuck-hole. “Here it comes”, she said, “brace yourself”. I gritted my teeth as I felt her cock pushing up against my puckered hole………………… Part 2 to follow……. soon

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